There is more to masonry than just being the world’s oldest and largest gentleman’s fraternity; it is an organization that has left an imprint on the lives of men throughout the ages; in fact, there are as many versions of masonry as there are Masons themselves.

You came to this website because you were looking for something and like you all the Masons from time immemorial have come to the fraternity searching for something. Their motivation to become a Mason may be something as simple as having sat in traffic for the 180th time this year they realized that there must be something more to life than driving to work and driving home. Another Mason may have joined after they separated from their branch of the service only to discover there is no detailer who is going to find them that next step in their personal journey. It could be a brother whose kids are just on the cusp of driving only to realize that now that he is not needed to be the driver for club sports there is no vehicle for finding friends outside of work or the kids. It could be that a Brother’s Granddad was a Mason, and he just wanted to be more like his Grandfather… There are as many stories as there are Brothers.

The Masonic fraternity is a group of men who believe in charity, yes, they do give to their communities, but their version of charity is closer to the Latin word Caritas a love of their fellow man. Yes the Masons march in parades and give out scholarships but their circle of friendship serves to aid and support their families, their Brothers, and in turn the wider world.

Speaking to Masons you will find men of every background and when they come together in their Lodges they meet as peers no matter their station in life. If you are looking for a community, seeking to be involved in something larger than yourself, or just want to make a difference in the lives of others, Masonry may be just the vehicle for living a connected life and becoming the man you aspire to be.

written by Bro. Charles J. Matulewicz Linktree

Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you.
How will your journey begin?