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Door to Virtue

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Upcoming Event

  • April May Upcoming Events

    April 09 – Blue Lodge Practice 7:30pm
    April 11 – Door to Virtue #46, Regular Meeting 7:30pm
    April 17 – Holding Corporation Meeting 7:30pm
    April 20 – Door to Virtue Monthly Breakfast 7:30am – 10:30am, Blood Drive
    April 23 – Blue Lodge Practice 7:30pm
    April 24 – Door to Virtue Past Masters Association Dinner 6pm Baugher’s Restaurant
    April 25 – Door to Virtue #46, Regular Meeting
    May 06 – Blue Lodge Practice 7:30pm
    May 09 – Door to Virtue #46, Regular Meeting, Dinner 6:30pm
    May 15 – Holding Corporation Meeting 7:30pm
    May 18 – Door to Virtue Monthly Breakfast 7:30am – 10:30am
    May 18 – Grand Lodge Semi Annual
    May 20 – Blue Lodge Practice 7:30pm
    May 23 – Door to Virtue #46, Regular Meeting 7:30pm

  • Masters Message

    Dear Brothers,

    As March draws to a close, we reflect on a bustling month of activity within our lodge. We welcomed Brother Williams, PM, as our new Grand Inspector. Our completed audit was submitted to the Grand Lodge, and our monthly breakfast events continued to be successful. Additionally, we launched our first fundraising raffle and intensified preparations for the upcoming 200th celebration of our relocation to Westminster. Amidst these endeavors, we successfully organized our second annual Easter egg hunt, witnessed Brother Hayes deliver an outstanding first-degree catechism, and initiated our newest Entered Apprentice, Brother Babington.

    Looking ahead, our momentum shows no signs of slowing down in the coming month. Brother Hayes will advance to his Fellowcraft degree; preparations for the Memorial Day parade are underway; and lodge improvement projects are on the horizon. Don’t forget, our blood drive is scheduled for April 20th during our monthly breakfast.

    As we anticipate the approaching celestial event, it’s remarkable how the universe aligns to remind us of the lasting impact of our actions. This year, as we celebrate our 200th anniversary in Westminster, the profound generosity of Past Master Bare stands out. His substantial contribution ensures the enduring legacy of our lodge beyond our lifetimes. We seize this opportunity to modernize aspects of our lodge, acknowledging the wisdom of past brethren in their decisions for our institution’s longevity. Their decisions have given us a place to meet since 1972 that only now shows signs of needing updates – and really, only minor fixes and modernization for wear and tear. We honor Brother Bare’s memory and benevolence by dedicating our lodge room to him, ensuring future generations of Masons recognize his generosity.

    Recently, a poignant encounter emphasized the enduring influence of past brethren. RW Gaydosh, PM, of Raritan Valley Lodge #46 in New Jersey, reached out to inform us of a past master jewel mistakenly received from Texas, meant for our lodge. Upon investigation, we confirmed it belonged to Brother Rev. James W. Reese, PM, who served as Master of DTV over 150 years ago, from 1866 until 1876. His profound impact on the community through his collegiate and ministerial endeavors, along with his contributions to the lodge, leaves an indelible legacy that continues to resonate. There is an article about his contributions from the Carroll Historical Society about his life with his best friend (CCHS Article).

    One of my favorite sayings applies here: these brothers “planted a tree under whose shade they will never sit.” Every contribution, no matter how small, leaves a lasting impression. While few can match Brother Bare’s generosity, each act of support matters. Reflecting on the names on our lodge room chairs, we recall the humble beginnings at the Westminster firehouse when they started a building fund, and where sponsoring a chair for $100 in 1972 (equivalent to $742 today) helped clear our mortgage when the lodge opened. Now, as we embark on new lodge improvements, there are opportunities for all to leave their mark as well. Whether sponsoring a column, square, or making a general donation, each contribution will be recognized and honored either on the item or on the wall right outside the room.

    Looking forward, Brother Raab, Gemeny, myself, and our loved ones will be headed to Ohio for the full solar eclipse. While the eclipse may be partial here, let’s ensure safety if venturing out to witness it. As we gear up for a busy April, let’s stay vigilant and prepared. Keep legacy in your mind. No matter how large or small, never let it be said, “That’s the place the Masons used to meet.”

    Fraternally yours,

    R. Michael Pennington