June is here, and our final lodge meeting is just around the corner. We all know what that means – strawberries and ice cream! Our last meeting will be on June 13th, and this year we’re trying something new. There will be a light meal at 6:30 PM before the meeting for everyone. Then, we will convene promptly at 7:30 PM, open in the Master Mason Degree, and, if we receive the jurisdictional  waiver from PA, read a petition. After closing, we’ll invite the families in for a presentation from Brother Charles Matulewicz of Palestine Lodge, followed by our traditional strawberries and ice cream to kick off the summer.

We have an exciting summer planned. For those who may not know, we have received an interest-free loan from the Grand Lodge to assist with our improvements. Additionally, we have raised almost $8,000 through the support of brethren sponsoring columns and tiles in the lodge room. We still need $5,000 to reach our goal, and there are plenty of columns and squares available. Ensure your name lives on in perpetuity in the lodge we all love.

We have already begun working on lodge improvements. We hope to have the social hall painted by Strawberry Night and make significant progress on  other projects, including new flooring. The teardown of the second floor will start immediately on June 15th. Plans include raising the seats, adding columns, painting, new carpet, curtains, lights, and a golden ratio mosaic pavement in the center of the floor. The foyer areas will also be painted and carpeted, with new display cases and decorations celebrating the   history of our lodge and appendant bodies. The exterior will get a fresh coat of paint and some cleaning as well.

Of course, all this work means we need volunteers. The only work being done by contractors is the flooring. There is a list and calendar on the main page of with dates we need people to help, and we will be creating an email and text list. If you are interested, let Brother Senior Warden Mike Raab, PM, know, and he will add you to the lists.

We hope to see you all as we update the lodge and have a save and productive summer.

R Michael Pennington
Worshipful Master