from our Worshipful Master Elect

Dear Brethren, Let me start by saying how honored I am to be trusted with the responsibility and duties of Worshipful Master for the upcoming term. It has been a truly humbling and enriching experience learning both degree work and the administrative requirements necessary to serve in the East. The journey to the East can only cement and reinforce the tenants of our institution that are here to make us all better men.
As we begin 2024, my hope is this is the year to honor the history of our Lodge and re-invigorate the pride we have in being members of a Lodge charted in 1811. Door to Virtue is the fifth oldest lodge in the state. We will start the year as usual by having our open installation of officers performed by the Grand Line, but with a nice variation. This year the installation of officers will be held at our Grand Lodge in the Corinthian Room. Those of you who have seen the Grand Lodge know this is a venue we are honored to have our installation in. To those who have not seen it, this is an opportunity to attend with family and friends and be proud of the institution we are all members of; one that has existed for more than two centuries.
I will be frank with you brothers; our lodge does face challenges. Membership has been in decline for a decade, attendance is waning, and, at times, discord, has reared its despicable head among the brethren. But, have a strong core of worthy, dedicated brothers in our lodge and the agenda for 2024 involves some aggressive initiatives for fundraising, Lodge education, Brotherhood activities, and administrative changes to assist future Masters to be more empowered to do the business of making Masons. We even want to give the Lodge a bit of a face lift. It is an ambitious plan, but success has never been achieved by aiming for mediocrity. We have the will, the desire, the passion, and the love for the Fraternity but what I lack is the manpower. My hope for this year is that you brothers, who may have gotten out of the habit of attending Lodge, will find the time to come back and reconnect with us. Tell me why you stopped attending; If I can address it I will.
For those who have never met me, you can rest assured my goal is to serve the Lodge. I don’t take this position for title, for rings or for ego; I do this because I have a desire to serve and I believe that with your support I can make a difference. My commitment to you is this; I will endeavor to make the meetings interesting, the ritual solid, and the fraternity close. My challenge to you is to come to Lodge and make me accountable to this commitment. I look forward to laboring together with you to make the lodge successful for future generations.
R. Michael Pennington Worshipful Master (Elect) 2024
“Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly; speak accordingly.” -BF